Case Descriptions

Criminal - Sexual Offending
  • A family man with a steady job was accused of possession of two internet pictures of child pornography. The Child Pornography Offender Risk Tool was used to evaluate the risk of his re-offending with pornography and to determine the level of community safety upon his release.
  • A father was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. The 19 item Statement Validity Analysis was used to review the child's forensic interview, the overall adequacy of interview, and evaluate the child's memory of the sexual event. Utilization of the STATIC-99R evaluated the father's risk of re-offending compared to other released sex offenders with the same risk score.
  • A 25 year old male was charged with rape after he returned to a party and had intercourse with an unconscious (inebriated) female. The STATIC-99R was used to evaluate his risk of re-offending in light of three previous convictions.
Criminal - Violent Offending
  • A young man with substance and mental health problems struck and threw his wife into the wall of their bedroom while she was holding a newborn child. The Domestic Violence Risk Assessment Guide was utilized to evaluate the risk of his re-offending and the 54 question Level of Service Inventory analyzed his risk and community safety during eventual community supervision.
  • A 45 year old man was charged with capital murder when his girlfriend disappeared and DNA revealed large amounts of her blood on his bedroom wall and power tools. An evaluation was performed to determine his mental state at the time of the offense and revealed that he was clinically paranoid and suspicious before and at the time of the offense. Criminal responsibility was assessed.
Child Custody
  • Following a bitter divorce, a man alleged his ex-wife engaged in parental alienation by constantly telling his two children lies that he was guilty of sexual and physical abuse of his own children. She alleged that he is a violent pedophile. Reviews of the forensic interviews of the children conducted by CPS were reviewed for possible revealed inconsistencies in their accounts and/or coaching by the mother.
Personal Injury (evaluation of emotional injury and trauma)
  • An experienced horse ranch manager alleged that he had been wrongfully terminated from his position because of false allegations of sexual harassment made by his female staff. Following wrongful termination, he claimed he had ongoing emotional problems, inability to find work and had experienced adverse effects on his parent-child relationship as a single parent. Psychological testing was conducted to determine the timing (pre and post termination) and extent of any emotional damage the manager experienced.
  • A nurse returning home from work was sideswiped by an 18 wheeler truck. The nurse claimed she could not drive, could not sleep, and had flashbacks from the accident. Psychological testing (including validity testing) and interviews with witnesses were conducted to determine the existence of any symptoms and whether they were exaggerated in any way.